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UHMWPE Fiber for Bulletproof Vest

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UHMWPE is the abbreviation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This is the most excellent quality available for use in harsh working environments and in a variety of applications.

The benefit of UHMWPE fiber

1. Absorb impact energy

UHMWPE has excellent shock absorption, impact energy absorption value is the highest in all plastic, and it has the excellent effect of the silencer.

2. Low temperature resistance

UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance, and can be used as a low temperature component in the nuclear industry because of its still have the ductility at low temperature (-269℃).

3. Hygiene and no toxicity

4. Not easy adhesion

UHMWPE surface adsorption force is very weak, its ability to resist adhesion to the plastic is next only to the best PTFE, so the surface of the product and other materials are not easy to stick.

5. Hydrophobic property

UHMWPE water absorption rate is very low, generally less than 0.01%, only 1% of PA6, and therefore do not need to dry before processing.

The Thermal Properties

Performance Indicator




Melting Point Range



Decomposing Temperature



Proposal Minimum Services Temperature




Proposal Temperature Limit for duration of use



Proposal Temperature Limit for Short time Use



Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion




Specific Heat Capacity




Thermal Conductivity (Axial direction)




Thermal Conductivity (Transverse)





Widely used in the production of bulletproof UD sheet, anti-cutting gloves, Marine towing cable and mooring cable, offshore oil platform anchor cable, leisure rope, dental floss, anti-cutting fabric, geotechnical cloth and so on.

Wuxi Jingyuhe Technology Co., Ltd owns the most professional technical and R&D team, and has the independent inspection department. All products have up to the standards of ISO 2009 quality management system.

Our factory has a series of advanced digital equipment and carry out a high production capacity, we also accept custom and research for our customers. Welcome every client to visit our factory!

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